Workshop Facilitation


Dr. Dennie has created and facilitated several workshops about social justice and professional development. Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Impostor syndrome and you

This session will introduce students to impostor syndrome and microaggressions in order to identify subtle obstacles to women of color's leadership and success. Students will identify techniques to combat self-doubt and practice responding to microaggressions.

marketing social justice

In this workshop, students will explore how they can market their social justice work and extracurricular experiences on their resumes and in cover letters. Students will complete exercises to highlight how their skills are transferable within and beyond social justice.

the faces of leadership

In this workshop, students will consider how identity and privilege impact our ideas of what a leader must be and do. Students will examine how their identities impact their leadership styles in order to enhance the ways that they lead and serve.

allies coming together (act)

ACT provides students with an opportunity to evaluate their privilege and develop specific strategies for being an ally to various marginalized communities, including but not limited to immigrants and New Americans, people of color, and LGBTQ communities.

the other "f" word

This workshop offers a platform for students to discuss the stigma that is attached to "feminism." Students will explore how feminism impacts their interpersonal relationships and will identify strategies for cultivating feminist relationships with friends, family, and more.

mentorship 101

This workshop is specifically for women of color. Students will determine what qualities they look for in mentors, and consider whether and how their identity impacts their needs as mentees.